The Farmhouse Movement Magazine | Tenth Edition

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Happy summertime, readers & friends! July, August and September are just dreamy. I can remember as a small child waking up from summer naps late in the afternoon with my window cracked and breezy, and hearing lawn mowers going, smelling freshly cut grass, mom working on supper and things feeling at peace with the world. 

In this issue, we dig into summer fun. It's such a special time of the year... probably because people are happier all around - vitamin D is more readily absorbed when we spend a little time in the sun each day, and vitamin D deficiencies are linked to depression! So sun often equals happy!

I adore our sweet featured farmhouse... it's precious and beautiful. I know you'll love it too. We met some new friends with a darling sweet tea company that's taking off in a few places in the south. They share with us their tried-and-true sweet tea recipe!

Chef Charles gives us more ideas for great summer fare, as always. And we get to pull from some super special caning recipes submitted from you guys, our readers!

I can't wait to share our kitchen makeover with you... going all white has been the best thing we've done in this house! Everyone feels happier in our brighter kitchen! 

We dive into the reasons why we should get in pictures with our kids this summer, and how to give ourselves grace in the process of life. 

Summer is here, friends. Enjoy every minute of it. Hold on to the good, let go of the bad, give the benefit of the doubt, eat healthy, drink water, get active, soak in the sun and be happy! 

Tons of Love and BIG GIANT Hugs!